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New Relationships And Your Children

Seeking and starting a new relationship is an exciting time. When you feel like you’ve found the right person there is nothing better. Nonetheless, you may find your search for companionship hampered by your own feelings at times. Many single parents seeking to move forward and find a new relationship experience pangs of guilt, or worry over how their children might react to the news.

This is entirely natural, and just as much of a concern when your children are adults. Your family may feel a certain degree of loyalty to your former partner and perhaps recall the time when you were together nostalgically. Even when your son or daughter have grown up there can be issues of resentment, and in some cases comparisons between their other parent and your new partner.

You may feel a sense of guilt, or that you need your family’s permission to consider dating again, no matter how long you have been single. Understanding their concerns and feelings is important, and inevitably you will wish for their approval. However, it is important to remember that ultimately your children want you to be happy and secure with someone new.

Communication is the answer

Communicating with each other is essential. Hopefully myLovelyParent can help enable the road to finding the right person to be one that you and your child can travel together. The chance to make this experience something that you can share will help to address any potential worries and concerns.

Of course nothing is ever perfect, and you may find that the course of the journey doesn’t always run smoothly.

myLovelyParent has teamed up with Family Lives to support you and your family as you explore the world of online dating. Their expert support means that any issues, fears, worries or concerns can be put to rest as soon as they arise.

They really are here for you; no matter what is on your mind please feel free to contact them with your concerns and receive a personalised response by email, or if you're based in the UK by phone. Their 0808 number is free of charge from landlines and most mobiles.

Phone: free, confidential helpline 0808 800 2222 (UK only)

Visit: (Advice Live Online, available here )