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How it works

The site is incredibly easy and safe to use. 

To start a profile of a lovely parent: 

1.  Select who it’s for, write a little about them. We’ll send them a invitation link to complete their profile.

2.  Search the site and recommend some potential matches. Your parent will see these once they’re on the site.

3.  Enjoy the journey together. Keep chatting, keep encouraging. And when your parent meets that someone special please make sure you tell us!

And, if you are the lovely parent: 

1.  You’ll receive an invitation email from myLovelyParent, including a link to the site. Click on this link or copy and paste it into a new website page.

2.  Review the information that has been written about you by your lovely son/daughter and complete your profile details.

3.  Welcome to myLovelyParent! You can view recommendations or you can search for people you’d like meet. Remember everyone on this site is looking to meet someone new, so if there’s someone who you’d like to say hello to, well, say hello.

The easiest way to see how it works is to try it for yourself!