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Support and advice for your older parent

myLovelyParent has partnered with, a website aimed at helping you to look after your relatives. Packed full of information, advice a nd essential products and services, it is a proactive site, which helps you find the answers to all the questions you might have about elderly care.

So for some great help and advice, click the articles below to read more on the website.

Best activities and hobbies for older people

When your parent suddenly has more spare time, there is obviously more scope to do some of the things they have never had time to do before. Sometimes, however, it is hard to get the inspiration for new hobbies and activities. More HERE

Help moving house

We work with you to address anything that is worrying you and provide practical hands on solutions. If you have lived a long time in your current home and have lots of belongings, moving and downsizing can seem like an impossible task. More HERE

Computer lessons in your own home

By far the biggest problem older people have when wondering whether or not to try to use a computer is lack of confidence. They believe that it computers and tablets are far too difficult for them to make sense of at their age. We can show you how easy it really is. More HERE