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The team

Matt C

Matt C is the founder of myLovelyParent and the chap took his mum’s suggestion of ‘finding her a knight in shining armour’ quite literally.

Because of the global interest around myLovelyParent Matt now wakes up very early and goes to bed very late. He spends most of his day planning the future of myLovelyParent, answering lots of emails and speaking to journalists from all around the world. He has also become a pretty expert coffee maker.


Last but not least a big thanks to all the people who helped get us to launch…

Matt C’s mum for the inspiration and idea. And for being a constant support and sounding board through all of this
Caroline B for coming up with the name and generally being brilliant through all of this
Kate T for making us phone, talk and email hundreds of people to ensure the online experience was as good as possible
Ben M and Robb G for their creative skills in bringing the prototype to life 
Pete L for translating the creative vision to a working site
Daniel T for mentoring and guiding us through the global media interest